Hello From Florida! George is 3 Months Old

Hello from (sometimes) sunny Florida!  George hit 3 months a few days ago and he is getting to be just huge  (I am estimating around 16/17 lbs)!  Super expressive and sweet – colic-y days are finally behind us : ) That said, he isn’t sleeping through the night yet like Calvin was at this point.  Sigh.  Calvin is still a bit obsessive over his brother – although the affection has lately been turning more into aggression.  I think he will be happy to return to Bright Horizons where he will have some separation again.  C also hit a milestone of his own – climbing out of the crib (during nap-time).

Anyway, most of these photos were taken during an afternoon at the pool – and a few back at our home and out and about on the golf cart (Calvin’s favorite).



And to remind myself that I am in fact present and involved (not just behind the camera), I am posting a few photos Dan took of me and Calvin with his iPhone one absolutely beautiful evening..

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