Henry at 6 Months : First Cambridge In-Studio Session!

Oh boy am I excited about sharing these images!!

I photographed this blue-eyed stud back when he was a newborn (which resulted in one of my all-time favorite photos of baby and mom gazing over the Boston skyline at dusk – head down memory lane here).  When his mom contacted me to see if I would do his 6-month session in my new studio in Cambridge, I was hesitant to say yes.  You see, my studio is very tiny and I rent it more as an office and client greeting/previewing space. Also, I have never been a studio photographer (meaning, I don’t own a fancy light kit or backdrop or props) – I primarily shoot on location.  Still, I’ve invested quite a bit in my new space, and wasn’t ruling out the potential to photograph here when I chose my richly stained hardwood floors and a pretty pale grey paint.  So why not take advantage?  My clients helped me move my couch and chairs to clear a 5 foot area of blank floor and wall space.  The window light is just gorgeous midday – bright but not too strong.  We just sat Henry on the floor with a few of his favorite toys, sang songs and [Dad] made funny noises.  Henry certainly enjoyed himself – as did I!

Needless to say, I am pretty pumped with how these turned out.  Doesn’t hurt that my model looks like he stepped out of a Gerber commercial 🙂