Introducing the Loktah Photo Book | Professional Photography Product Design

I have added another book to my repertoire of offered products!  Introducing the Loktah book.  I made this book for my own personal use – it’s Calvin’s 1st year book.  (Now that I have it in hand, I plan to create another sample for the studio, but in the meantime will use this guy).

The reason I am drawn to Loktah products is their beautiful and unique selection of cover materials.  This ticking tape linen book cover fits my personal aesthetic to a T!  They have beautiful, textured options from organic, handmade papers to linens to hemp.  The flush mount, thick card-stocked pages come in a matte or luster finish.  I am excited to now offer this as one of my many awesome book options (at this point I probably have too many, but I am admittedly obsessed with making and owning books, so the more the merrier!).PINPINPINPINPINPIN