iPhone Moments in PA

This past weekend Dan, Calvin and I head down to Sinking Spring, PA to visit my in-laws.  I have been visiting Liz and Brent’s home now for almost 6 years (!).  It has always been a warm and comfortable place to visit.  There is something about Sinking Spring that is just so.. easy.  Sinking Spring is a suburb of Reading, PA situated in Berks County (about an hour outside Philadelphia).  Though close to the downtown, the town is actually quite rural.  I’ve always been intrigued by the real estate and Pennsylvania Dutch culture (and food).  You can clearly make out the different developments of clustered homes amidst green rolling hills and farms.  Some have big 2000s McMansions, others 1960s ranches, and others, like Dan’s, 2 floor colonial and farmhouse style homes built in the early 90’s.  One thing that remains consistent is a sense of pride of the homeowners.  There are well-manicured lawns and smooth sidewalks everywhere, scattered with big playgrounds and baseball fields.  In my memories I always see American flags and older men out on their lawnmowers waving and saying “good day!”.  Not the reality – but it illustrates how I find the community so wholesome.  And did I mention green?  It’s like as green and lush as Ireland was…

Anyway, I digress.  This photo series was taken with my iPhone and only too late into the trip did I decide to document some of the area and interior of Liz and Brent’s house.  I am also including some portraits and moments of the family (including their other child, Bogart) hanging out in the backyard on the glorious 80 degree Saturday.  Next trip I will bring my real camera and do something more extensive that shows more of what I am fascinated by.  I definitely need some photos of sausage (Bratwurst?) and pickled red beet eggs…!