Kimika and Alaric, a Snowy Engagement Shoot in Boston Common

Kimika and Alaric are a fun-loving couple that are getting married this coming summer in home state Connecticut.  I think this winter has proven to be quite a snowy one, and though they originally wanted photos lying down on a grassy hill, this couple decided to take the plunge and do a snowy engagement shoot downtown in Boston Common (did you know that it is the oldest public park in America?  Recently heard that bit of information on NPR!).  It was a really cold day, but these two were all smiles, enjoying their day off together posing for the camera.  Kimika definitely has a spunky little attitude, and I think I captured how much Alaric adores all her spirit.  I am looking forward to photographing their wedding this coming July as I know it is going to be quite the celebration!