Kristen R – Editorial Tennis Fitness Photographs at the B&T

This is a special photo session for me to share.  It features one smoking hot tennis player – Kristen Raverta – who was our #1 player on the Amherst College tennis team when I was on it (I was walk on, non-starter ; )).  Our team, by the way, ranked top 4 in DIII pretty much ever year.. so this means Kristen is pretty darned talented (she has quite the collection of trophies somewhere…).  But she is also gorgeous and incredibly fit, and therefor decided she might want to dabble in some fitness photography.  So we planned this shoot at the Badminton & Tennis club where she is a member (and I am daughter of a member).  It is super old school/vintage, and I though the backdrop would make a stylish, editorial spread for what so many do here – play evening tennis then get glammed up for dinner.  Enjoy!  And Coach Bagwell – don’t tease 😉