Kristin + Mike, Engagement Photo Stroll in Seaport, Boston

Isn’t this a super adorable couple?  Kristin is a Texas transplant, whereas her fiance is from a bit closer by (Maine).  Since they will be marrying in Puerto Rico next Spring, they wanted an engagement shoot to celebrate the city where they now live and work.  I was excited that they chose the ICA (where I married!) as a starting point for their engagement shoot.  From there we took a walk to the Northern Avenue bridge which I have wanted to photograph for awhile now.  Since it was rush hour there were a lot of walking commuters passing by, but thankfully some stopped so we could grab a few stunning shots.  I am always so amazed at how this area is developing so quickly.  The “new” Boston I like to call it.  So many parks to enjoy along the waterfront now!

I wish the happy couple lots of luck as they plan and prep for a beautiful wedding next April!