Lauren and Patrick’s Rehearsal Dinner at Arnolds, Eastham, MA

A little while back I received a special request by my BF Lauren for her bridal shower – that I photograph her rehearsal dinner.  So of course was flattered to give her that gift – and here are the results!  (well, she will be receiving a cute Artifact Uprising book as the final product : )).

As you can see the evening was filled with fun and yummy delights.  I don’t think you can get much better than fried fish, lobster, and mini-golf – oh and an open bar.  And reggae band.  And emotional slide show and other heartfelt roasts from friends.  Oh, yes, you can.  You can have your husband-to-be put all other husbands to shame by delivering the most endearing toast to his to-be-wife that had everyone in tears.

I wish I could have been a bit more mobile and active, but I was a guest too, and a fat pregnant one at that so a lot of photos were taken from a specific vantage point that didn’t move much.  But I hope these photos capture the this special eve before the big day.  If anyone wants information on how to access the ordering gallery (more photos there), you know how to reach me.