Lindsay + Walker at the Wellesley College Greenhouse/Botanical Garden

Lindsay contacted me this summer to book a Baby and Belly package.  She mentioned that she loved creative and fine art photography, citing and Alec Soth.  I knew I was in good company, and was particularly excited to take this shoot. We decided on Wellesley College’s Botanical Garden and Greenhouse, as I figured it would be ripe with intrigue for Walker (and myself).

I think it was a good choice!  With toddlers, you kind of have to play it by ear, and Walker immediately wanted to check out the John Deere tractor.  Fun!  From there we headed into the misty greenhouse.  I love the sense of exploration for both Walker and Lindsay, as they explored the maze of plants.  We finished up with some glowing portraits of the beautiful mom and her bump!

Definitely looking forward to meeting the whole family once the little one arrives and taking more creative photographs then!