March Mothers Fine Art Friday | Heather Evans Smith

I met Heather Evans Smith 2 years ago at a Flash Powder Photography retreat in New Mexico.  She was quirky, smart, and extremely creative.  I feel in love with her surreal portraiture immediately.  It is lush, layered, and touching.  At the time she was working on a project titled “The Heart and the Heavy” in which she explored the challenging and bittersweet transition into motherhood.

Her latest project, Seen Not Heard, focuses on the complex relationship between herself and her daughter.  As she writes:

For the past few years I have been creating images to express the emotions of motherhood. My daughter has never been included in those images. But as she has grown from a baby into a force of nature all her own, I was drawn to pull her into my world of conceptual photography and explore our relationship during a time when emotions of love, stress and confusion are high.

Seen Not Heard takes its title from the Old English adage “To Be Seen and Not Heard”, a term often thrown about in reference to the desired behavior of children. These images are silent, but they create a voluble visual narrative on the relationship between parent and child. They explore the cycles that are passed down through generations and the tension between keeping to what is known and forging a newer, and perhaps stronger, path. As strong as the close, forever bond between mother and daughter is, there also exists a distance inherent between two different individuals.”

I’m pretty sure you are all going to be blown away by these images – conceptual, fine art photography at it’s best.  Heather is represented by the Jennifer Schwartz Gallery in Atlanta, GA.