Medford Newborn Girl Photography Session

Oh my goodness, how adorable is this little baby girl?  Avani, affectionately called “Nanni” by her parents, was ready to pose for her photo shoot this past weekend at her home in Medford.  Her parents, both attorneys, were clearly in love with their 5-week old.  It was hard not to fall head over heels for this alert peanut, with her pretty eyes that rarely closed.  Avani must be a quick developer, as I am certain she was following the camera and also searching for her parents gaze.  Black and white shots were requested, so I have included a few of those (am starting to think I should do more in black and white – they look so good!).  We shot these photos in the comfort of their home, with walls already decorated with photographs of family.  Some of the shots are taken of Dad’s inked portrait of his passed mother, so we wanted to get some of Avani next to her there-in-spirit grandmother:)

Hoping some of these make the cut and are added to the walls soon!