Menotomy Rocks, Arlington | A Fall Family Portrait Session

Menotomy Rocks Park is a tucked away gem right off Route 2 in Arlington.  It has to rank up there as one of my favorite spots to photograph with it’s scenic pond, graffiti-ed rocks, and playground (and hidden tee-pee).  A mix of idyllic, outdoorsy, and playful – perfect for a family with kids who want to get out and run around/explore.

This group includes a pair of Harvard Philosophy professors and their two boys.  Intelligent yet kind, these chill parents enjoyed watching as their boys be boys – egging one another on.  They climbed up to scary heights and really just had a blast.  The eldest really rocked his poses too – I am not sure what the parents thought when I commented that I could honestly see him modeling one day!  He was able to ham it up and then relax and take in the scene of the pond.

Anyway, I had fun editing these photos, adding a touch of grit to the more documentary shots as the sun started to fade.