Most Lovely Thank You Note Ever

It has been way too long since I have posted on this blog – but things are just crazy busy this time of year for us photographers.  But the other day I received such a touching thank you letter, I just had to share it here (names marked by first initial):

Dear Elizabeth,

I just wanted to write and thank you for your work. I’m overwhelmed by the beauty of the photos–they make me cry. They were gorgeous online, of course, but the prints are stunning.

We have been through so much as a family in these last months. I can’t tell you how meaningful the images are to us, what treasured mementos they will become as years pass. There was something so precious and delicate about the weeks leading into S’s surgery, and the photos really capture, I think, both the love we have for him and the quiet vulnerability of a time period when so many parts of our future seemed so tenuous to us.

I want to hang them absolutely everywhere in our home (and I will!).  Thank you, thank you for bearing with us in all of our clumsiness throughout the process. I’m so grateful to you for sharing your talent with us. We wish you the absolute best as you prepare to welcome your son into your family–may you have the joy of parenting in all of its mysterious, baffling, and truly wonderful complexity.

Very best,

So touching, and beyond beautifully written, right?  This mom is an intelligent one, having a PhD in American Literature.  But more than that, she is a reflective one.  When I photographed her family, it was leading up to her son’s heart surgery and you could sense the anxiety, hopefulness, and love in the air.  I think this note reminds one that not all great images need to be taken during the happiest moments in life.  Sometimes, difficult circumstances and challenges can make powerful memories – and to document them can be an important step in moving forward.