My Best Friend and Her Growing Family | Wellesley, MA

It was time to do my yearly documentation of my gorgeous best friend Lindsey and her family.  She is the one who so many of you clients have heard me mention as the reason I got into this business in the first place back when she had her first child, Jack.  Just a month ago she and her husband Doug welcomed their third, Teddy!

These photographs capture Jack and Olivia (my too-pretty, spunky goddaughter) “working” with Dad, Lindsey snuggling with Teddy, and everyone kind of being themselves (trying to pull together at times for a group shot).  I had to get just a few of Baby Calvin (as Jack and Olivia affectionately call him) getting pushed around in the wagon.  He has too much fun with his cousins.

Congrats Lindsey!  Excited to see the announcement photo ; )