Nicole & Family, A Magic Hour Session at the Arnold Arboretum

Nicole is an absolutely beautiful 2 year old that I photographed on behalf of the Magic Hour Foundation.  Her loving parents (and grandmother and aunt!) moved to Boston to receive the best care for Nicole’s rare form of a brain tumor.  After failed trials of chemotherapy, she is doing much better after trials of experimental treatment through the Dana Farber Cancer Institute.

We got to enjoy a beautiful fall day at the Arnold Arboretum in the Leventrett Vine and Shrub Garden.  Nicole enjoyed playing with her parents, bunny rabbit, balloon, and exploring the various plants and berry bushes. As you can see from these photos, Nicole is not only gorgeous but she also really likes the camera (her mom had alerted me to the fact that she really likes to pose and be the center of attention!).  It was so cute when she would pose with various signs and give me little smirks, pouts and would mimic certain supermodel poses like crossing her legs and looking over her shoulder.

I think these photos capture the kind and loving spirit of Nicole and her parents, and am honored to be a part of such a wonderful organization like the Magic Hour Foundation (for more information, click here : )).