Notes on my Photography Retreat to Corona, New Mexico

Just about two weeks ago I returned from an AMAZING trip to one of my favorite places in the country, New Mexico.  This trip was an invite-only roundtable workshop hosted by David Bram of Fraction Magazine and Jennifer Schwartz of Jennifer Schwartz Gallery in Atlanta (she also recently started the Crusade For Art).   The focus of the retreat was not a technical, creative or portfolio building one; instead its intention was to focus on what I find I think I need most help with – strategy.  Some of the things we worked on included editing and sequencing images, writing powerful artist statements, developing a plan for gaining exposure, tackling social media, and identifying target collectors and galleries.  We focused mostly on my fine art projects, but they also gave me a fair amount of help with this business as well!  I feel like this dynamic duo are now pseudo-parents.. the ones that I can go to for all help on strategy-related items.  I also feel like I could probably just brag or cry to them about pretty much anything!

So, I want to thank David and Jennifer for being so awesome, as well as a shout out to the other 3 talented photographers who were a part of the gorup:  Heather Evans Smith, Marina Font and Lisa Blair.  I highly recommend you visit their websites and check out their photographs as they all have beautiful and inspiring bodies of work!  Also, one of the highlights of the trip included a BBQ with guests Katherine Ware, photo curator for the New Mexico Museum of Art and fine art photographer Daniel Coburn (whose work you should also check out) – definitely one of the most fun nights at the Ranch!

Finally, even though this was not a trip focused on creating images, I certainly couldn’t help myself from making some (these are all i-Phone images, still waiting on film to be processed).  New Mexico is a magical place with expansive skies and diverse terrain (and very little service when you are in the remote town of Corona).  Some of these photos were taken at the 18,000 acre Ranney Ranch where we stayed, while others were taken on our awesome trip to White Sands National Monument (you’ll be able to spot those).  Enjoy 🙂