Ozzie, a Newborn Lifestyle Shoot in Dedham, MA

Introducing the latest baby boy from a fellow Nobles classmate and friend of mine, Andrea.  Andrea and I shared several interests while at Nobles, including tennis and the arts.  We actually created a music video as our senior project – which, looking back on it now is quite hilarious (think as many psychedelic filters added as possible)!

Like a surprising amount of Nobles grads, Andrea ended up marrying another Nobles grad – a super nice guy named Steve.  I was thrilled when they agreed to have me photograph their adorable baby Ozzie.  Originally, this shoot was planned to be aired on NECN for my segment.  However, the morning of our session Jared Remy decided to get caught murdering his girlfriend – so NECN had to call all TV crew to cover that more important event – sigh.

To be honest I was somewhat relieved to not have a TV crew documenting me photographing Ozzie and his parents.  It would have been too crazy and awkward!  Instead, I got to enjoy my time with my friends and meeting their new addition.  And learning about the scary, yet exciting time that awaits me (and so many other girls from our graduating class – apparently this is the year!).  Here’s to hoping Andrea likes these photos, finds some humorous, and that Steve doesn’t think he looks too “dorky”.