Palm Beach Proper Family Portrait Session

When my aunt contacted me a few months ago to purchase a gift certificate to give her husband Geoff, I was particularly flattered.  My aunt has long been been one of my biggest supporters of my fine art projects, for which I am extremely grateful.

Allison married Geoff just over a year ago, and it seems he agrees with her taste in art.  Soon after they wed he told me wanted to witness what a shoot with me was all about!  We scheduled the session that would take advantage of all their kids being in Palm Beach (one of the best places on Earth) for the holidays.  Geoff wanted something quirky.  Allison wanted more traditional but with an artist’s touch.  With a large cast of characters that now make up their combined family and the backdrop of affluent Palm Beach, I figured we could strive for a shoot out of a Town and Country magazine.  To keep Geoff’s plea for edge in mind – I figured I’d throw in a bit of Wes Anderson whimsy…  I think you get the gist of where I was going with the concept for this shoot.  In addition to shooting outside their retro 50’s house, we went to one of my favorite photography destinations – the Beach Club’s croquet grounds to get what I was looking for.  I also wanted to capture some of the island’s amazing vegetation – in particular, the gigantic banyan trees that line the roads.  Finally, we tried to get a jump shot.  In every take, Geoff was out of sync with the rest of the group (if he was up in the air, they were on the group and vice versa).  I chose to include the one I did because I think he looks too funny in his surfer dude pose.

Aunt Allison, Uncle Geoff, Virginia, Steve, Benedict, new cousins Jason and Forrest (and dog Otto!) – I had such an amazing time photographing you all and thank you for putting up with me during the hottest part of the day!  Enjoy.