Part One: 39 Weeks Pregnant and Waiting.. A Chronicle of my First Pregnancy

Warning : Some (artistic and tasteful, I think) nudity and honest wording is included in this post.  Oh, and it’s fairly long, so I’ve broken it up into three parts by trimester!

Now that I have wrapped up all my photo sessions and finished fulfilling most client orders, I have decided that it is about time to put together a blog post that chronicles my pregnancy.  I have intended to move this blog in a more personal direction, one that includes artwork from both my professional sessions as well as from my own life.  I think, at 39 weeks and eagerly waiting for my little guy to arrive, this is a good time and way to begin this shift (and will be selfishly nice to have for reference down the road as time always flies by way too quickly!).

The First Trimester

Let’s travel back in time to mid-February, 2013.  I was super excited with big news… I had just signed a lease on a new studio in Huron Village!! This was a big change for my business, and I had a ton of work to do with building out the studio space, creating artwork and samples for the walls, as well as tailoring new policies and prices in order to stay afloat with scary new overhead.


Busy at work at 362 Huron

At the same time, I flew out to New Mexico for a fine art photography retreat with some uber cool artists that focused on business and marketing.  While there, I wasn’t sure why I was so tired and out of it (and why my boobs hurt so much!), but I figured it was due to the stress of everything I had to take care of in regards to my big business move.  I also found myself oddly talking a lot (A LOT) about babies and pregnancy with the other photographers there – but attributed that to the themes of parenthood present in the work of others.

Me and artists Marina Font, Heather Evans Smith and Lisa Blair | Flash Powder Retreat in Corona, New MexicoPIN

Me and artists Marina Font, Heather Evans Smith and Lisa Blair | Flash Powder Retreat in Corona, New Mexico

But then I got home and on March 1st, decided I should probably take a pregnancy test before I continued to drink wine through another weekend.

Low and behold..


Oh boy.  What had I gotten myself into?! I was excited and terrified (emotions that have stuck with me the whole pregnancy), and rushed to tell Dan and my closest friends and family (I am not exactly good at keeping secrets).

I shortly began to notice that several changes were taking place in my body.  My breasts were filling out, my skin was breaking out, and I was EXHAUSTED – couldn’t work past 3 pm in the afternoon.  Thankfully the studio space was close to completion and it was still early spring, before busy season had picked up. I took a belly shot, thinking I was starting to see something (clearly delusional) at 8 weeks:


8 weeks. Gosh I was thin but felt bloated!

In April I made a big mistake – I traveled out to Portland, Oregon for PhotoLucida – an important portfolio review where I shared my fine art projects with gallery owners, museum curators and editors.  Dan came along with me and was so excited to eat at all the great restaurants in such a foodie haven of a city.  I learned that I will NEVER travel again during first trimester.  I was cranky, jet lagged beyond belief, and hated food.  Poor Dan had to endure sour faces while he got to enjoy delicious meals. Meanwhile, my reviews were going well but I had no energy to follow up appropriately.  Portland is a great and beautiful city for the record – so lush! – here are some photos from a walk Dan and I took east of the city.


Lush Portland, OR

While I was there, I also started to notice that my clothes were getting too tight for comfort, and started not buttoning my pants.  I took a belly shot in the hotel room (Dan looks not so amused), thinking I looked obviously pregnant at 11 weeks! (hah!).


11 weeks – slight lower curve of “foopah” becoming more noticeable…

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