Part Three: 39 Weeks Pregnant and Waiting.. A Chronicle of my First Pregnancy

Warning : Some (artistic and tasteful, I think) nudity and honest wording is included in this post.  Oh, and it’s fairly long, so I’ve broken it up into three parts by trimester!

Now that I have wrapped up all my photo sessions and finished fulfilling most client orders, I have decided that it is about time to put together a blog post that chronicles my pregnancy.  I have intended to move this blog in a more personal direction, one that includes artwork from both my professional sessions as well as from my own life.  I think, at 39 weeks and eagerly waiting for my little guy to arrive, this is a good time and way to begin this shift (and will be selfishly nice to have for reference down the road as time always flies by way too quickly!).

The Third (and final!) Trimester

August quickly arrived, and my back was still in pain, but with I was starting to have several days of relief here and there.  In the meantime, I tried to remain positive and to take things slowly, like enjoying the sunny weather as much as possible – and thankfully had a planned two week vacation in Rockport for the final two weeks of the summer leading up to Labor Day. While in Rockport I did another bump in water update photo for Instagram/Facebook:30 weeks update on Facebook/InstagramPIN

elizabethclarkphoto_39weekspregnancychronicle_0288PINDan’s family visited for some beach bumming and I snapped a shot that looks like I am not wearing anything because you can’t see the bottom of my bikini!  The adorable one-sie was a gift from my SIL, Kelsey, which holds great significance for Dan (he finally got excited for baby clothes at this point).

I also decided to book a maternity photo shoot with the talented Esther Mathieu.  We got an absolutely BEAUTIFUL golden hour photo shoot at Long Beach and I was so happy with the results.


You should check out her work, especially if you like a “beachy”, light and airy feel.  I know I will cherish the photos she took – I just need to actually place an order for some framed pieces!

September rolled around, with 3 more weddings of very close friends:

elizabethclarkphoto_39weekspregnancychronicle_0290PINOddly, around this time my back pain started to ease up.  I am not sure if my back felt better due to baby moving forward, or pelvis stretching out… who knows.  What I do know is that I am very, very thankful the pain isn’t so bad!  This allowed me to focus on work AND with another big move.. Dan and I closed on a home in Lexington. Yes, we moved out to the ‘burbs! This definitely some added stress and everyone thought we were batsh*t crazy, but that’s just how we roll.

The nursery isn’t quite done (waiting on some art work, mobile, stencil on far wall, and dresser – looks like I will might be changing the little guy on our bed for a bit), and I will take photos again once it is : )

But isn’t it cute so far?  We hired Amanda Reid of Mandarina Studios (who decorated my studio) again to help us with this room and I am thrilled with it so far.elizabethclarkphoto_39weekspregnancychronicle_0305PIN

By the way, also have been trying to figure out what to do with our Yorkies.  I think Norman will be territorial/protective and Rocky will be jealous.  As of now we are planning to have them stay with their grandparents for the first couple weeks with many visits!

Do you think he hears the heartbeat??PIN

Do you think he hears the heartbeat??

39 weeks and waiting…

So today marks 39 weeks for me.  To be honest, I am not quite sure the reality has hit that I will be delivering in the very near future.  I am still excited and terrified of the unknown.  Although I am scared of the pain of labor, I am more afraid for what comes after – living with and caring for my baby son (especially on not much sleep)!  A part of me feels sad I will no longer just be wife to Dan but instead mother of his children (is that selfish?).  The idea of being the grown up in the home seems far-fetched, so I am praying that maternal instinct kicks in.  That said, I know I can turn to my mom and MIL for lots of help, as well as my good friends who already have young children.  So many clients have also been overwhelmingly supportive – which is just awesome!  I guess time will tell how parenthood goes and you can be sure I will post some updates here!

In the meantime, the easiest thing for me to focus on is my body… (and all the weird aches and pains and movements I am feeling).  I have to admit, at 39 weeks I am surprised by how sensual I find my (large) body to be.  While I still see faults (saggy huge boobs, stretch marks on bum, varicose veins, etc), I find my body and its large curves beautiful in this state and figured it was time for yet another, final portrait to be made to celebrate it.    It is truly amazing that we are built to create life, darn miraculous even.

39 weeksPIN

39 weeks

So the anticipation continues, and I can’t believe I will be meeting my son – Dan’s son – our son – so soon.  Beyond wild or any sort of articulation.