Part Two: 39 Weeks Pregnant and Waiting.. A Chronicle of my First Pregnancy

Warning : Some (artistic and tasteful, I think) nudity and honest wording is included in this post.  Oh, and it’s fairly long, so I’ve broken it up into three parts by trimester!

Now that I have wrapped up all my photo sessions and finished fulfilling most client orders, I have decided that it is about time to put together a blog post that chronicles my pregnancy.  I have intended to move this blog in a more personal direction, one that includes artwork from both my professional sessions as well as from my own life.  I think, at 39 weeks and eagerly waiting for my little guy to arrive, this is a good time and way to begin this shift (and will be selfishly nice to have for reference down the road as time always flies by way too quickly!).

The Second Trimester

My 2nd trimester rolled in just in time for busy season starting in May – and I could spread the news!  On Mothers Day I posted the announcement on this blog and Facebook, as I found it a fitting day to share that I was to become a mom myself!  I also wanted to take an artistic maternity portrait celebrating my body that was continuing to grow.  Here was that shot at 15 weeks:


15 weeks – Mother’s Day Announcement Photo

Shortly after it was time to find out what gender I was having.  Now, truth be told, growing up I had always imagined myself with a boy.  Friends always called me “boy crazy”, and I figured I’d enjoy a family filled with guys over girls.  But once I was pregnant my outlook changed.  I yearned for a girl.  I imagined a little blonde muse who would enjoy dressing up for the camera and working on arts and crafts with me.  I wanted a mini-me, not a mini-Dan (sorry love).  When the ultra-sound technician asked if I wanted to learn what gender it was, I was shaking, and immediately started tearing up when she said “see these??” (I knew what “these” had to refer to…).  Even though I was upset at first, I can honestly say that within a week I was excited about having a little guy – a mama’s boy that I plan to still make a photographic muse ; )


Now it was summer, and I was really busy with photo shoots and enjoying the beach when I could.  My energy (and appetite!) was back, and I was beginning to believe that what people said about the 2nd trimester being the best part of pregnancy held truth.  Unfortunately, it was around this time when my back started acting up.  I have dealt with lower back issues since my early 20’s, and slipped discs/arthritis runs in my family (my dad has undergone 4 back fusions).  I had experienced spasms before, but nothing like what started occurring around month 5.  Suddenly, I was fighting pain daily and tried a variety of methods to combat it – pilates, physical therapy, heat packs, chiropractic care, and even had to resort to prescribed pain pills and muscle relaxants.   I started cutting back to one or two photo sessions a week (wearing a brace) and had to hand over an August wedding to another photographer. In the evening I couldn’t walk to the bathroom without Dan supporting me. I was terrified, and cried often.  Would I need a wheelchair by the third trimester when I was sure to be huge?

At the same time, I was proud of now actually showing some bump!  Here are some photos from the second trimester (so funny looking back on these now.. I was still small!):


July 4th update on Facebook/Instagram


27 weeks - Our first of many weddings this past summer!PIN