Playing Dress Up | Self Portrait in a Ballgown

Sometimes it’s a good thing to play dress up, even as an adult.  I bought this beautiful ballgown for what I thought was a black tie event, only to learn recently that it is not and therefore need to return this beautiful garment.  Before I did, I decided it might be fun to take a few self portraits in it (tags still on).

It can be rewarding to allow yourself to feel pretty.  To dress up and do your make up just for the hell of it.  Because you are gorgeous.  You may not appear so every minute of every day, but trust me, with the right clothes, make up, hair, lighting, photographer (;)), and most of all ATTITUDE, you can turn it on.

In addition to dressing up, I like to play with editing.  Black and white or color?  I like them both!ElizabethClarkSelfPortraitinABallgownPINElizabethClarkSelfPortraitinABallgown_BWPIN