Preppy Springtime Blues | A Wellesley Family Session at the Longfellow House, Cambridge, MA

Another ideal family session (I know, I know, I am biased).  But take a look below and I am pretty sure you’ll agree.

Wellelsey-based (Southern-born) Lindsay was in touch last year regarding my Belly and Baby Package.  For the maternity session, I photographed her, bump, and son Walker at Wellesley College’s Greenhouse.  I immediately bonded with Lindsay since she is a fan of fine art photographers – Alec Soth being a name she mentioned over the phone to me.  So, I felt some creative liberties when working with her which just makes it always so good.

Lindsay and her husband Todd welcomed their 4th family member, Clara, this winter.  Lindsay decided to wait until spring to have her photo session, wanting to take advantage of better weather and pretty florals.  Since the gardens at Elm Bank in Wellesley is under construction, I recommended a drive to Cambridge – not only for selfish reasons but because I knew the gardens at the Longfellow House would appeal to her.  Not only were the gardens a good fit, but so too was the house with it’s grand porches and shutters reminding Lindsay of the homes she grew up around in the South.  Wonderful!

These photos simply capture this preppy, beautiful family enjoying time playing together and wandering the grounds.  At the end we set up a little picnic to enjoy some snacks (notice the blueberries??  Clever choice to compliment the wardrobe and glowing eyes they all have!).

Make sure to scroll through to the bottom of post where the nostalgic slideshow is, and enjoy!