Pretty Editorial Headshot Session at Boston College

The lovely Marina contacted me for a headshot that she needed for an upcoming award she was receiving.  She was extremely nervous – and when I saw her I immediately thought she was crazy to be worried as she is gorgeous!  We decided to hold the session the BC campus.  Snow was still on the ground, but I knew the medieval/gothic stonework and architecture of the school would provide a unique backdrop.  Also, Marina graduated from Boston College twice – for undegrad and graduate studies.  So it holds a lot of meaning for her.  While she ultimately needed a traditional headshot, my favorite images are the dark and more mysterious ones that we were able to take in the Rare Books section of the Burns Library.

This reminds me – school campuses are a great option for an on-location session!  They typically have a variety of visually interesting places to explore, nice landscaped grounds, and, most importantly, hold significance if it is a place you studied.