Rustic Farm Wedding in Plymouth, NH : Lindsey + Aaron

I met this Barbie-doll bride back during the days when I would often trek down route 91 from Amherst to Trinity College (aka “Camp Trin Trin”), where for some reason a bunch of my good friends attended.  My best friend, Lindsey, introduced me one day to her blonde counterpart, another Lindsey.  From that day forward, I have gotten to know this beautiful girl with such sharp wit that it can make one cringe.

Clearly I was delighted when asked to capture Lindsey’s wedding to her long time boyfriend, Aaron.  Handsome and sweet, I am confident this is a perfect matching of personalities (and good looks).  There wedding was held at Aaron’s dad’s farm up in New Hampshire, where the couple both grew up.  I was thrilled by Lindsey’s clever choice in a ballgown – typically when one thinks of a rustic wedding with a barn and cows, a lace, vintage or simple style of dress comes to mind.  Not for Lindsey.  She decided that the juxtaposition of a big gown on a farm would suit her best, and I couldn’t agree more.  What a stunner.  Clearly I am going to be submitting some of these images to publications, web and print.

Besides this wedding being gorgeous in every way, it was a ton of fun.  The corn hole area was never deserted, instead lines were forming as formidable teams held their ground.  After two very amusing speeches, the (at times dirty) dancing got underway.  It was hot and sweaty, which just added to the celebratory mood.  At the end, even I put down my camera and did a few “I’m preggo” dance moves (thankfully not pictured here).  I actually heard there may have been a few dancing injuries due to too much fun.

All in all, I have to admit this was an awesome gig for me, and I am thrilled to be sharing these images with people I care about.