New Branding and Marketing Products Have Arrived!

As some of my fans know, I am almost as passionate about graphic design as I am about photography.  I spent a lot of time designing and developing my own brand identity, including the theme, logo and website.  As the New Year approached, I decided to finally invest some real money on both my CD packaging and a custom welcome kit.

For the CD, I wanted to find something that was both practical (safe for the CD to travel), but also charming and unique.  I searched the internet high and low before coming across Bent Tree Studios on Etsy.  I was immediately drawn to the use of fabric, stitching and buttons.  The owner, Stephanie, had created a product that could be highly customized, and she found me dozens of fabrics to choose from that catered to my request for something simple with a bit of preppy flair.  I chose three patterns – I think the ship wheels are my favorite though!  Stephanie told me she’d mix and match the stitching color and a variety of vintage buttons.  Within two weeks, they arrived.  I then went on to order custom photo printed CDs for my clients – printed beautifully by WHCC.  The mailings will be finalized with referral cards and a personal note written on some new stationary.

I also ordered a new, cleanly designed photo box for one of my clients that I wanted to share.  These boxes hold 5 x 7″ prints as well as CDs from a session, and are a great alternative to the traditional album (you can alternate which images you want in small 5 x 7″ frames).

Finally – the new Welcome Kit.  These took quite a bit of time.  After deciding to make the leap and purchase the templates from Design Aglow, I spent two weeks tailoring all the design and wording  to my own brand.  After self-printing a bunch of mock-ups, I finally placed the big order to WHCC a few days ago. The packets include a ton of information about my sessions and studio policies, as well as a style guide, product brochure, and several referral cards (clutch). The folders are from Presentation Papers, and ribbon from Michaels Arts and Crafts (although I plan to order more from MJ Trim in NYC which has an insane collection).

My first welcome packets and CD cases go out in the mail tomorrow, and can’t wait to see what my clients think!  After that it is back to editing some sessions.. and then, I have some BIG news on the way that I can’t wait to share (think white walls, wooden floors, non-home address… : )).