Sydney · A Star in Amherst, MA · Child Portraiture Session

Sydney is the daughter of my college tennis coach, Jackie (go Lady Jeffs!). She may be a tow-headed beauty, but I wouldn’t describe her as “lovely”. Nah, Syd has enough spunk to knock you over in less than 5 minutes. This girl is going to grow up to be a musician, actress, artist, or most likely, all three (if MTV is still alive, she’ll be on it – think Jenna McCarthy making fun of every person who crossed her path on Singled Out). And I know she will kick some booty on the tennis courts too – including mine.

For our shoot, she struck poses on a field in Hadley and then climbed orchard trees near Atkins Farm. There was a live possum in one of the trees that Sydney tried to make her pet. Eventually we made our way back home to her real pet chihuahuas (told you she’s Hollywood bound!). This turned out to be a crazy fun shoot, and as always with Jackie, a work out!