Trip with Friends to a SOWA Boston First Friday | Fine Art Fridays

PINI currently sit here at Kickstand Cafe in Arlington going over all these cool gallery and artist postcards from two weeks. That Friday, I corralled my husband, Lauren and Pat to head down their block in the South End for a SOWA First Friday Open Studios.  It was just after one of the big snow storms had ended, which resulted in a smaller but more intimate group of guests perusing the scene (although, I was pretty surprised by how many people did show!). We started off by heading into the Artists Guild studios at 450 Harrison Ave.  The crooked halls themselves are a treat to meander through, and Laur and I stopped for a twosome selfie against the exposed stone wall that lines the staircase

I of course was attracted to some of the artisan jewelers who had their wares on display.  But on the fine art side of things, my favorite studio stop was that of Matthew Keller‘s.  His studio glowed with clamp lights illuminating some intriguing and risque drawings and mixed media pieces.  What’s so cool about these open studios is you get a chance to talk to the artists themselves. Matthew and I chatted a little bit about his work.  When I asked him to tell me about his work, he answered by asking me what I saw.  He told me that he hopes the intimate/sexual poses and phrases hold a bit of mystery and resonate in different ways for everyone.

PINOn First Fridays, a lot of the formal galleries stay open late as well, so we head into several of those as well.  At the Boston Sculptors Gallery, I got to meet Hannah Verlin (who was the recipient of SMFA’s prestigious Traveling Fellowship Award), and wander through her airy installation.  Besides the floating white and blacks, red dripped from many of the fabrics.  While the meaning behind these pieces relates to monastic, skeletal and scarring histories she encountered – I instead saw something more feminine and “flowy”… you get my drift (puns all intended here).  Oh how my mind works.PIN

We ended at Carroll and Sons, a gallery that represents a lot of fine art photographers I admire (including a former professor of mine Justin Kimball… will have to put him on the list for a future Fine Art Friday).  We ventured all the way into the back office where there were a couple really cool, extremely intricate and detailed miniature sculptures of artists studios by Joe Fig.  Dan was really into them.  I got a chance to talk to the gallery owner, Joe Carroll, who had seen a photo I had taken on a holiday card of one of our shared clients.  Small world!  Just after we left the gallery I also bumped into Paula Tognarelli, director of the Griffin Museum of Photography in Winchester(and former supervisor of mine when I interned there).  She always gives me a kick in the bum, this time telling me I should try to set up a meeting with Joe Carroll about my fine art.  Hmmm we will see.  Anyway, small world again, but encourages me to not loose a footing in it.

Finished up the evening with fun, wine-filled dinner at Stella.  Looking forward to future evenings just like this one – but maybe on a warmer night : )PIN