Twin Boy One Year Olds Portraits in Jamaica Plain

Photographing twin one year old boys who are both mobile may seem like a daunting task, and I can’t say that I wasn’t a little nervous receiving the call from their moms, Leah and Carrie.  But this set of brothers, Jesse and Jacob, were super adorable and so fun to capture in all their chaotic glory (Leah told me she particularly liked photojournalistic imagery, so I definitely was able to deliver on that)!  We started the photo shoot at their apartment on the Brookline/JP border, documenting the process of getting bundled up for a stroll (the shoot took place on a somewhat milder day in January).  Once outside, the boys got to enjoy exploring nature by the pond, as well as practicing their recently developed motor skills – walking and tumbling.  It was clear they loved play time in their parents arms too!  I was so happy we got to capture some of the joy and love outdoors even though it was winter!  Once we got back to the apartment, I photographed them reading as a whole family as the boys settled into nap time.