Welcoming George Clark Sterner!

Well this post is a bit overdue, just like my second son, George was!


After delivering my first son Calvin about a week early, I was surprised as the days kept passing by after 40 weeks (and with lots of sporatic contractions).  On my induction date at 41 weeks, I woke up at 5 am to strong, yet still erratic contractions.  When Dan and I got to Mt. Auburn Hospital we decided with the midwife to move ahead with a very small dose of a cervix ripening drug, and within an hour (and on a walk to-and-from Formaggio Kitchen) I was in active labor!

George came into this world at 7:34 PM after a beautiful sunset.  8 lbs 9 ozs (which one nurse guessed right-on -the-nose after only holding him! – everyone in the room was laughing in amazement), 20.5 inches.  The first thing I noticed was he actually had quite a bit of brown hair, which hasn’t fallen out as of yet (unlike baldy Calvin). Then he screamed and cried for about 20 minutes (he was NOT happy to leave the womb I guess!), and I feared this was going to be a colic-y baby.  As it turns out, other than that first scream fest, George has been (so far) a bit more mellow than Calvin.  Probably shouldn’t jinx that… but I figure time will just tell.


shots from the hospital minutes after George’s birth and the morning after/first time Calvin met his brother!


I have been mostly overjoyed with the way Calvin has reacted to his new brother.  During the last month or so of my pregnancy, he was starting to get fascinated with babies, pointing and screaming “baby” “baby”! whenever he saw one (or an image of one).  I thought maybe it was a sign he actually had some knowledge of what was coming?  After spending the night with my parents, he came with my mom to the hospital first thing the following morning.  When he saw George for the first time (photo above), he reacted the same way he had been to all other babies – “baby”!  There was only one time that he got upset.  The first night home he was rocking George, suddenly took a step back and looked at him and burst out into tears and hysterics.  I held him sobbing in my arms for about 5 minutes (I was crying too, thinking “why did I do this to my son?!”), but after that he calmed down.  Since then he has been totally enamored with no outbursts.  If anything, he is a bit obsessive over his new brother.  I have to be careful that he is gentle enough with George (“gentle” not being a word or concept he seems to totally comprehend yet), and often have to try to distract him to get him to play and enjoy his toys and other things other than George, but I am relieved that it is what it is for the time being.


George coming home from hospital/Calvin and George hanging out on rug, and at my parents home in Cambridge (where dogs Norman and Rocky are currently staying often).



My in-laws spent the first weekend home with us in Lexington, cooking and helping out in every way (thanks again Liz and Brent!).  It was a beautiful Columbus Day Weekend, and I really didn’t want to waste it indoors.  So, despite exhaustion at 4 days post-birth, we decided to make the trip to Drumlin Farm in Lincoln – a place Calvin loves (he calls it “mooo”).  I even brought my camera along – it was too nice a day and place and opportunity for great photos to leave it behind.  A lot of the photos feature Calvin (George’s come after), and he was a little out-of sorts by this point (exhausted too from all the excitement and emotions from the past few days), but we were able to get him going with the leaves at the end. PINPINPINPINPINPINPINPINPINPINPINPINPINPINPINPINPINPIN


It’s now been a week and a half, and at times I feel like I have a handle on this newborn phase, while at others I feel overwhelmed.  For the most part, I do find it has been easier this time around, even with the double duty of a toddler in tow (daycare helps a lot).  I don’t feel like I have to stay home all day, in fact I prefer not to.  Especially since it has been so gorgeous out!  That said, my functionality is definitely impaired – find it hard to get as many things done in a day as I would like (hence the delay in this post).  But, time carries on, rather quickly!  Yesterday we were on a walk in the neighborhood – George in the stroller, Calvin on the kickboard with Dan pushing, and me with Norman and Rocky on their leashes – and I had a moment of disbelief that this was my family.  Me and my boys (all boys!).  Dan and I don’t want to rule anything out, but for the most part we feel it is a completed family, and that thought is both fulfilling and wild to me.


Without further ado – George’s newborn photos (taken at 1 week):PINPINPINPINPINPIN

We already love this little, serious (Stern?) – faced yet super sweet little man.  Can’t wait to see you grow!!

ps. Nursery photos to follow ; )  Just waiting on a few final items!