Wardrobe and Styling Advice

Figuring out what to wear for a photography shoot can seem challenging!  But it is an important aspect of your photography shoot and should not be neglected.

Before that – 2 Rules:

  1.  PLAN YOUR OUTFIT A WEEK AHEAD.  The worst thing before a photo shoot is to be scrambling!
  2.  If you want to see how you will photograph in your chosen outfit, have someone take a photo of you in it from your mobile device.  This step REALLY helps – mirrors won’t cut it!

Ok, now time for tips, not rules (following the clip from Real Simple):

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OVERALL “LOOK”: Are you preppy, modern, hipster, bohemian, laid back, off-the-runway?  Don’t try to tone down your style – stay genuine.  If you are preppy, break out those pastels and plaids.  Laid back?  Wear your jeans and hair down.  Keep in mind a portrait is meant to capture you and your loved ones as you are.

PROPS : Not exactly an outfit tip, but figured I would bring this up here… While I don’t provide props, I encourage you to think about bringing some along.  Perhaps your children have a favorite stuffed animal or roller skates they love.  If there is something that helps define you and your family, I say bring it.  One item I recommend for all outdoor sessions is a picnic blanket – like my fave, the classic Pendleton.

SHAPE:  See above.

COMFORT: Be comfortable.  This doesn’t mean a wrinkled t-shirt and sweat pants.  It means that you aren’t wearing something too tight or heels you can’t walk in.  Ever wear something that you can’t keep constantly readjusting?  Don’t wear it.  Have a cozy wool sweater that you love to snuggle in (but has no holes) – wear it!

COORDINATING OUTFITS:  The all-matching is a trend that has passed.  That said, it looks nice to have something that unifies that group.  Try to pick one element that shows up in every outfit to make them all cohesive.  Try to pick a complimentary palette of colors everyone sticks to.  Picking outfits from one page in a catalog can make this process easy!

LOGOS: Logos can be distracting – try to stay away from them if possible.

ACCESSORIES:  Don’t forget accessories!  Scarves, hats, gloves, headbands, jewelry, clutches, etc.  These are all things you can play around with for some photos, and put to the side for others.

LAYERS:  Layer it up!  Like accessories, layers can be easily put on or taken off.  Blazers, cardigans, vests, and scarves are all recommended (and look especially great on kids). With the fickle New England weather, it is smart to wear layers so you can adjust to a cool breeze or the warm sun.

SHOES:  Don’t forget your feet and make sure your shoes are shined and in good shape!  Bare feet also look great in the summer and especially with kids (chubby feet!)

OUTFIT CHANGES:  Add stress… Instead, I encourage layers that can be shed for different looks.

HAIR AND MAKE UP : Because you are spending money on a photo shoot, I always think its a good idea to not waste your investment and spend some time on your hair and make up.  Consider seeing a stylist!  Try to keep your hair looking natural – a simple blow out looks best whereas a formal updo can seem out of place.  If your hair (or child’s hair) tends to fall in front of your face, consider a head band or pin to keep it out of your eyes. Men should be clean shaven unless they wear a beard daily.

In terms of make up, I encourage wearing a bit more make up than you typically do on a daily basis. Think cocktail party.  Make up tends to photograph less intensely that it seems in person.  Keep your tones neutral, and make sure to use powder if you have shiny skin.

MATERNITY:  I particularly enjoy following bump fashion (I even have a board on Pinterest: Maternity Photo Inspiration). Maternity clothing can be fun but also challenging.  It’s important to make sure the bump shows.  This means black, while flattering, can hide the actual belly.  Maxi dresses that are cinched or clingy seem to be a favorite of the summer (though if you’ve got great legs, show ’em off in comfortable heels!).  In the winter, think about snuggly textures (stretchy wool sweater/dress/turtleneck under an open coat).  Layers like blazers and scarfs are super flattering and cute.

NEWBORN: Keep things simple.  Focus on calm and neutral textures such as corded blankets, wool sweaters, and soft swaddles – which I think look better than full outfits.  I recommend both parents wear some eye concealer to hide dark eye circles (happens to everyone).  Moms – you are still physically recovering in addition to being exhausted.  I recommend wearing dark, stretchy fabrics and layering with a soft cardigan, scarf, or flowy top. 

I hope this helps!  If you feel lost, or uninspired, take a look at my Pinterest page.  And don’t hesitate to contact me.